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Generation Rent

 Generation Rent

Millennial Generation Now Being Referred to as Generation Rent

As the rising generation delays many life changing events, homeownership is included on that list. The younger generation has been hit hard by the economic hammer and is looking to other sources than home ownership as an indicator of success. Nationally, homeownership rates are at a 20-year low, ending 2015 with just 63%. This number is down from the previous year. How are these numbers affecting Boston investment property owners?


Generation Rent Created

Paul Conway, President of Generation Opportunity, said, “They’ve (millennials) seen what their parents are dealing with, what their brothers and sisters are dealing with, in terms of being saddled with home values that are less than what was paid for.” He expresses concern that we may be witnessing a generation of renters.

As we have seen homeownership rates among this generation decline slowly, but steadily, many still have hope to own their own home “someday.” However, with difficult borrowing standards, this may be a seemingly impossible or very future dream.


Freedom to be Flexible

If you are a Boston investment property owner, these figures work in your favor. As more and more of the rising generation are looking for the freedom to be flexible instead of tied down by a mortgage, they are naturally drawn to the lifestyle of a renter.

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