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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

How to Make an Offer on An Overpriced Property

For Sale Sign in Front of Suburban HomeAs an investor in Roslindale, you’re possibly keeping a close lookout for your next great bargain rental property. But on the other hand, occasionally, the property you desire may not be listed at an enticing price, or even fair market value, for that matter. If you have your sights set on a property that appears to be overpriced, it doesn’t automatically specify that it isn’t attainable. Despite that making an offer on an overpriced property will perhaps be a concern, it is still possible to make quite a successful offer by employing a few correct actions.

Check the Fair Market Value

If you suppose that a property you’re fascinated with is overpriced, you should best start to execute a comparative market analysis on it. To identify a property’s fair market value, it is great to locate comparable properties sold recently in the said area. It’s moreover a great idea to inspect and discover how long the property has been listed. If the property you’re very interested in is listed higher than other recent sales or has been on the market for quite some time, it is possibly overpriced.

Talk to the Seller

As much as possible, do your best to talk to the seller of the overpriced property. There are countless different explanations why a listed property may be overpriced, from merely not understanding how to value their home to hiring an inexperienced or greedy seller’s agent. It is likewise the case that the seller may not be motivated by money alone. If you ask some in-depth questions, you might be able to learn why the seller listed their home and how motivated they are to sell. If the seller is in a hurry or has priorities other than getting a high sales price, that may make an opening for you to negotiate the price down.

Make an Appealing Offer

In bidding on an overpriced home, you will have to offer the seller a good reason to be open and consider a lowball offer. One strategy you can apply is to offer incentives or attractive terms that will help your request jump out. You could add things for instance a flexible closing date and your mortgage pre-approval letter. You could further offer a generous earnest money deposit or much fewer contingencies to sweeten the deal. If your offer is one of many, these things can help yours seem to be more attractive – and more possibly be favored – than the others.

Hire an Experienced Buyer’s Agent

To exceedingly improve your probabilities of negotiating a seller down on an overpriced property, hire an experienced real estate agent. You would need someone to aid you in order to negotiate with the seller – and let you realize when it is the time to get out. Sellers of overpriced homes are doubtful to choose the first offer you make, even when you’ve accomplished whatever you can to make your offer enticing. With an experienced agent on your side, you will be more prepared to negotiate back and forth several times without the process consuming all of your time. Your real estate agent will similarly be able to support your decision in case the time comes to turn your back on the deal. Numerous sellers won’t budge on their desired price, despite the fact it’s far too high. If you’ve given it your best shot and you still can’t get something, regardless of your real estate agent’s help, it is probably time to move on.

Making use of strategies like these, you can more confidently make offers on any property you believe will make your next great rental house. Even so, completing multiple comparative market analyses, negotiating with sellers, and maintaining your Roslindale rental properties all together can turn out really time-consuming. Why not hire somebody to take over those responsibilities for you? At Real Property Management Boston, we offer our rental home investors professional market analyses on prospective properties and comprehensive rental home management. To discover more about all we have to offer, contact us today or give us a call at 617-522-0099.

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