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Top Pet-Safe Houseplants

Indoor Cat Playing in a Spider PlantHouseplants can give natural beauty to any Brookline rental home. But on the other hand, if you have pets, it’s significant to pick houseplants that are not poisonous. It may shock you to know that a lot of the best-known kinds of houseplants can be toxic for your pets.

And if you anticipate your pet would try to eat a plant, that’s not the only way a toxic houseplant can bring about harm. Even rubbing against some plants can trigger skin irritation, digestion problems, and much more in your furry friend. To keep your pet safe while loving the many advantages that popular houseplants have to endow, here are the top pet-safe houseplants for your rental home.

  • Succulents. One of the most famous houseplants, succulents are both trendy and safe for pets. Succulents come in a broad range of colors and sizes and are considerably easy to look after.
  • Majesty Palm. These large potted palms give a nice innate statement in any room of the house. Lush and pet-safe, these palms entail some maintenance, but really, the outcome is definitely worth the effort.
  • Boston Fern. This classic houseplant has made something of a comeback over the years, and the best part, it isn’t toxic for pets. A Boston Fern looks good in a hanging planter or above a cabinet or bookshelf.
  • Money Tree. Regardless of the name, you can’t really grow money on a Money Tree. Though this houseplant is also called a “good luck tree,” it is a favorite among fans of feng shui for its glossy green leaves and stylish braided trunk.
  • UFO Plant. Another perceptibly charming houseplant safe for pets is the Pilea Peperomioides, usually called the “UFO Plant” for its saucer-shaped leaves. This unusual plant can add real beauty to any room in your home.
  • Red Maranta Prayer Plant. The leaves of the Red Maranta Prayer plant are so attractive, they even appear like flowers. With a specific herringbone pattern and hints of red, the Red Maranta Prayer plant will add rather tropical beauty to your home without bringing about any harm to your pet.
  • Maidenhair Fern. With its soft, feathery leaves, the Maidenhair Fern is a shade-loving plant that can flourish in rooms that don’t have much sunlight. It’s likewise non-toxic for pets and looks fantastic in a pot or planter.
  • Spider Plant. Constantly a favorite, the Spider Plant is both uncomplicated to grow and safe for your pets to be around. Low-maintenance and attractive, the hanging leaves of the Spider Plant can add a glimmer of green to any nook of your home.
  • Air Plant. Classified among the more unique trendy plants is the Air Plant. These plants don’t require soil to sprout and so are great for display in terrariums or hanging in creative arrangements. They won’t harm pets but only will have to be watered correctly to blossom.

By selecting a trendy houseplant that is also safe for your pets, you can safely enjoy the effortless beauty of your plants month after month.

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